MECOSUN Certificates

For a long time MECOSUN is THE pioneer of BIPV solutions and so makes you the best returns benefit for your installations.

We always made it a point of honour to guarantee to our partners the quality of our solutions, by leading various tests on complex panels / systems MECOSUN with the offices of controls and certification bodies.

We so obtained in July, 2010 a first TECHNICAL Certification of the CSTB (n°21 / 10-08) confirming the quality and the performance of our solution MV3.

Forts of the success connected to the obtaining the Technical Certification n°21 / 10-08 for our industrial solution, the numerous manufacturers of modules wished to join MECOSUN and to commit initiatives of technical certification and Pass' Innovation with our solutions MV3 and MKR for example. Numerous tests of mechanical resistance are so realized on our bench tests to validate the quality and the safety of materials.

MECOSUN has more than 22 certifications current and\or obtained with about 20 modules manufacturers.

Always with the aim of reassuring our partners and proving the quality of our solutions, MECOSUN turns towards “New Techniques Studies” and “Studies of Compatibility” to widen its range of certified structures, in particular on our new solutions (eg. MV€).

In parallel of these initiatives facilitating the exchanges with banks, the insurances or for the answers to calls for tender, all our solutions are recognized with the CEIAB:

Today, the CEIAB confirms this know-how and re-knows all our roof solutions as corresponding to the compulsory criteria.


List of current certifications


Your guarantee of MECOSUN’s experience

  • 1 200 000 m² of installations using our solutions since 2006
  • Industrial support compliant with the Technical Evaluation of the CSTB
  • All solutions complying with CEIAB criteria’s
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