New certifications

MECOSUN now uses new kind of French certifications to expand its range of certified structures.


ETN and EC are now 2 required certifications:

ETN allow to valid innovative process. This certification is delivered by a control office and recognized by photovoltaic insurer and installer. The main advantage of ETN is to have the same value of an ATEC (French technical evaluation by CSTB) for call for tenders.

About the EC, they are certifications which confirm very quickly the compatibility between a module and a BIPV structure like the MV3 System, already certified by an ATEC or an Innovation Pass’.

MECOSUN already launch its first ETN, between MV€ system and 5 main brands of modules:

  • Sillia
  • Auversun
  • Fonroche
  • Eli France
  • Siliken

Your guarantee of MECOSUN’s experience

  • 1 200 000 m² of installations using our solutions since 2006
  • Industrial support compliant with the Technical Evaluation of the CSTB
  • All solutions complying with CEIAB criteria’s
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