Online calculation for MV3, MVE and MKR solutions

All data are required to perform the online calculation.
The decimal points must be dots (.)

MVE   MV3   MV3-L   MV3i   MKR (black on standard version) 
Panel orientation
Portrait   Landscape
Panel dimensions
Width (l) m
Length (L) m
Panel height or thickness mm
Panel efficiency Wc
Dimensions of your substructure
Length of your roof (ridge) m
Length of the slope (distance between ridge and gutter) m
Distance between purlins m  
Number of the generator's columns and rows
Number of panel columns  
Number of panel rows  


Quantity and performance

Number of panels
Total performance Wc

Roof print

Total length m
Total length of slope m

Recommanded number of columns
and rows

Number of columns
Number of rows
(*) Data not editable

Procedure to calculate your roof:

  • Please fulfill all fields,
  • Base on the calculated results (right hand side),
  • Adapt the number of columns of your roof to the recommanded columns,
  • Adapt the number of rows of your roof to the recommanded rows,
  • Check that the indication "Your PV generator is optimised!" appears in the dimension of your PV generator's casket,
  • Change the panel orientation and follow the procedure in order to have the different performance of your PV generator.

Information sheet for quote request

Please enter informations below to receive a quote for your installation.
Fields on a gray background are required.
This information sheet is for ONE roof, a new information sheet must be completed for each roofing project.


Information on the project

Name of the project
Project location

Select your MECOSUN Solution

MVE   MV3   MV3-L   MV3i   MKR (black on standard version. For another colour, thank you to precised it on additional information zone.) 

Your details

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Contact / Person to contact
Phone number
Mobile phone number

Do not hesitate to provide us any additional information useful for the technical understanding of your future installation (roof PV layout, roof plans, photos, etc.)

Roof informations

Module Dimensions

Please indicate the type of roof skeleton used on your building:

Hot steel
IPN purlin
H= mm

l= mm
IPE purlin
H= mm

l= mm
Cold steel or Thin section
"Z" purlin
H= mm

l= mm

e= mm
"Sigma" purlin
H= mm

l= mm

e= mm
Other purlins
Wooden purlin
H= mm

l= mm
Concrete purlin
H= mm

l= mm

e= mm
Draw a sketch by specifying the height, width and thickness of the purlin and attach it to this document.

Dimensions of the roof

Please indicate the dimensions of the roof structure which will support your PV power plant:

l= m

L= m

E= m

i= °

  • LLenght of the building (from left gable end to right gable end)
  • lWidth of the building (slope)
  • iangle of the slope (in degree)
  • PNumber of purlins
  • EDistance between purlins

PV module informations

Module dimensions

Connection Box
outside the frameCASE n°1
Module dimensions
L= mm

l= mm

h= mm

D= mm
Frame base dimensions
A= mm

B= mm
Module brand:

Module ref.: 
Connection Box
under or stuck to the frame CASE n°2
Module dimensions
L= mm

l= mm

h= mm

x= mm

y= mm

z= mm
Frame base dimensions
A= mm

B= mm

C= mm
Module brand:

Module ref.: 
  • Dis the distance between the connection box and the frame.
  • Cis the smallest height between the frame base and the connection box or any other element of the module situated in the perpendicular of the frame base.
  • h = Frame Thickness

Do not hesitate to provide us the data sheet of your module as a supplement to the information mentioned above.


Module Efficiency

What is the module efficiency? Wc

PV layout informations

Module position

Please give us the position of the module:


Modules installation

Do you wish to install the connection boxes one facing the other:


Number of modules

Number of lines =

Number of columns =



Do you authorize overlaps:
at the ridge cup YES   NO
at the gutter YES   NO

Use of the building

Is the installation for a building classified as ERP (building receiving public)?

Specific recommendation

Is this installation needs specific recommendation due to the outside climatic atmosphere of the building?

If yes, thank you for specifying the distance to the sea, the wind zone, snow zone, etc.:

If you are using the MV3i Solution

Please specify the insulating material you which to use (Check the appropriate box):

Thickness of the insulating material
(in mm)
Your own material

If you want to use your own insulation, thank you for contacting us to verify the feasibility of the project.

Additional information on the MV3i solution:

  • Installation has to be in PORTRAIT
  • The used insulating material must be rigid and free-standing

Additional information

Feel free to provide any additional information useful in understanding your facility and its design:

The client certifies that these data are consistent with the facility it wishes to achieve. The information given in this document determine the choice of components relevant to the successful implementation of the system. Mecosun disclaims any responsibility if such information proves erronées.L all the information in this document is confidential.
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