the speediest PV system for trapezoidal metal sheet roof 

CLIPS'OBAC system is designed to simplify the installation of solar PV plants on ribbed steel sheet. The system is suitable to all kind of steel sheet and is fixed directly on purlins in order to provide you resistance and efficiency. 

CLIPS'OBAC 3 components, 3 steps of assembly:
=> 1 : you fix the clamp base
=> 2 : you clips the module rail support
=> 3 : you fix the terminal clamp...

It's done!  


Only 3 components

  • Only 3 elements for an optimized mounting time
  • Clamping base fixed to the purlin and equiped with watertightness band
  • Module rail support cliped on clamping base
  • Terminal clamp adapted for all modules height
  • Very easy mounting method which allows to save time compared to traditional systems

Complying with the standards

  • Complying with building and solar PV plants criterias
  • Get benefit from the experience of the most certified structure fixation manufacturer


  • Adaptable to metallic, wood and concrete purlins
  • Adaptable to all ribbed stell sheet with minimum thickness of 0.63mm
  • Suitable to all modules-frame and installation (landscape and portrait)
  • Suitable to all roofs with maximum distance between purlins of 1.6m
  • Suitable to sloped roof from 5° inclination

Reliable and durable

Aluminium components and screws with 2C traitment (10 kesternich cycles) for a high resistance to natural elements over time

Choose your PV layout, Order, it's delivered!

MECOSUN provide you tools to prepare the PV layout of your projetcs. You only have to edit the list of components required in order to be delivered of all you need to realize your installation !

Purlins Suitable to wood, metallic and concrete purlins
Modules Suitable to all framed modules
Ribbed steel sheet All trapezoidal sheet metal roof with minimum thickness of 0.63mm
Material Aluminium and screws 2C (10 cycles Kesternich)
Roof inclination From 5° (from 8%)
Distance between 2 purlins 1.6 m maximum
Wind zone Zone 3 (more, on case study)
Snow zone  Zone D - Altitude 900 m
Module installation Landscape and portrait
Lenght of roof slope

No limit

The efficiency of an economical and easy system!

  • Fixation on the purlin
  • Get benefit from 220MWp MECOSUN experience
  • Choose the most certified BIPV manufacturer


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