2008 Laureat - Innovation Trophy - ENR Lyon Exhibition

MV3i System

The building integrated photovoltaic solution with thermal insulation for all types of building

The MV3i system, on a MV3 base, enables photovoltaic panels and thermal insulation to be integrated at the same time on all types of roofing structures. The MV3i system enables the covering of industrial, office or agricultural buildings on a sizeable scale.


Adaptability & flexibility

  • Insulation from 40 to 100 mm thick (polyurethane foam, rock wool…)
  • All types of framed modules
  • All types of roof structure, direct fixation on purlins
  • All types of sloping roof from 5 to 50°
  • All types of side finishes can be used
  • Maximum weight 8.5 kg/m²

Reliability & long life

  • Control of expansion stresses between roof structure and photovoltaic modules
  • Materials used are recyclable and selected for long-term weather-resistance (aluminium profiles, stainless steel fastenings...)

Easy to set up and install

  • Conduits provided for cable runs
  • Designed in close collaboration with qualified professional installers
  • Only a few tools required

Maintenance & monitoring

The system has no areas which are vulnerable to dirt build-up or moss growth, ensuring that your roof stays clean all year round.

Optimization & profitability

  • Support profiles equipped with thermal breaks to ensure complete insulation of the roof covering
  • Insulation on the roof slope leading to savings in fitting out the building interior
  • Can be cantilevered up to 0.5 m above the ridge purlin and 1.1 m below the gutter, equalling an extra module per vertical array
  • The integration system can be coupled to a heat pump to recover heat from the warm air between the modules and the insulation


  • The system blends in aesthetically with the roof structure ensuring a perfect finish both outside and inside the building
  • Aluminium profiles can be treated with coloured lacquer in a colour of your choice (black, blue...)


MECOSUN, which is officially approved as a training organization, provides you with training and assistance through a course on system installation. The day-long course provides you with the best possible advice for your first installation and also gives you our “materials” warranty.

Standard beams Attachment method
For metal roof structures IPN from 80 to 180 (standard)
IPE from 80 to 200 (standard)
HEA, HEB from 100 to 120
Thin sheeting profiles (e> 1.5 mm)
Special fixing clips
Special fixing clips
Special fixing clips
Fixing clips
For wooden roof structures Traditional or laminated Fixing clips
For concrete roof structures Beams with metal inserts Fixing clips
Structural load Maximum 8.5 kg/m²
Permissible roof slope 5° to 50° (8% to 120%)
Distance between 2 support beams Maximum 2 m
Wind areas (NV65) Zone 4 - Zone 5 (on case study)
Snow areas (NV65) Zone D - Altitude 900 m
Module orientation Portrait
Length of roof slope Maximum 27 m for standard installation, 40.5 m special installation (above these lengths consult us)

Insulation (structural)
Thickness 40, 50, 60, 80, 90 ou 100 mm
Dimensions Breadth adapted to the system
Structural load Maximum 5 kg/m²
Materials Polyurethane foam, rock wool, etc.
Vidéo France 3 Domaine Piquemal
  • The MV3i building integrated photovoltaic system, allows to realize your photovoltaic cover while insuring the thermal and phonic insulation of your building.
  • The MV3i system ensures that you get the highest feed-in tariff.
  • Ideal for HEQ and LCB buildings.


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