Complying with CEIAB

MV€ System

The technical and economical integrated photovoltaic solution for industrial and agricultural buildings

Intended for the integration on any industrial, agricultural and tertiary buildings, the solution MV€ of MECOSUN allies technical excellence and economic solution in a single system perfectly in compliance with the integration criteria. A system of draining rails adaptable to any skeletons and any framed modules. The MECOSUN know-how and performance at the price of a steel plate system!


Technical mastering from MECOSUN experience

Adaptability & flexibility

  • Adaptable to all types of roof structure, metallic, wood and concrete
  • Adaptable to slopes up to 27 m long and distance between purlins up to 1.6 m
  • Adaptable to all types of framed modules
  • Adaptable to all sloping roof from 5° to 50°

Reliability & long life

  • Aluminium rails and inox fastenings for a high resistance to natural elements over time
  • The system has no areas which are vulnerable to dirt build-up or moss growth, ensuring that your roof stays clean all year round
  • Control of expansion stresses between roof structure and photovoltaic modules


  • The system blends in aesthetically with the roof for a perfect looking aspect
  • Possibility to colour the accessories (black, blue, red, ...)

In compliance with the standards

  • Compliant with building integrated photovoltaic criteria’s
  • Eligible to best feed in tariff

An economical & optimized solution

Optimization of the materials

  • Industrial processes optimized for the extrusion of the aluminium rails
  • Can be cantilevered up to 0.3 m above the ridge cup and below the gutter to maximize module PV layout
  • One product to fill 80% of the market needs

Easy to set up and install

  • Maximum weight of 4.5 kg/m² (without pv module) to simplify the handling
  • Few tools
  • High installation productivity

Ventilation & performance

  • System without underlay with openings creating an air flow for a better ventilation of the pv modules for an additional 10% efficiency minimum


MECOSUN, which is officially approved as a training organization, provides you with training and assistance through a course on system installation. A day-long course to give you our best advises and experience and to be certified “MECO-Bat” installer.

Standard beams Fastening method
For metal roof structures IPN from 80 to 180 (standard)
IPE from 80 to 220 (standard)
HEA from 100 to 120
Thin sheeting profiles
Fixing clips
Fixing clips
Fixing clips
Fixing clips
For wooden roof structures Traditional or laminated Fixing clips
For concrete roof structures Beams with metal inserts Fixing clips
Structural load Maximum weight 4.5 kg/m²
Permissible roof slope From 5° to 50° (from 8% to 120%)
Distance between 2 support beams Maximum 1.6 m
Wind areas (NV65) Zone 4 (Zone 5, on case study)
Snow areas (NV65) Zone D - Altitude 900 m
Module orientation Portrait or landscape (on conditions)
Length of roof slope Maximum 27 m (above this limit, consult us)

The MECOSUN know how and performance at the best price!

  • Realize 80% of your projects with one simple, technical and economical product.
  • Get benefit from MECOSUN experience on more than 140 MWc of installation.
  • Go for a solution both economical and reliable.


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