Innovation MECOSUN 2010

MVO System

The PV system for your parking areas

The MVO system is a solar car park developed by MECOSUN. Without concrete foundations, it is simple to settle, does not disrupt your activity and does not immobilize any space of car park during the phase of installation. Flexible thanks to its units 2 or 4 places, it adapts itself to every types of parking lot, new or existing.


The MVO system is a PV carport developed entirely in-house by MECOSUN


  • The dimensions provide shade for vehicles ranging from a small car to a van
  • Generous clearances to allow vehicles to be parked easily
  • Reinforcement bars positioned so that the doors and boots can be opened easily
  • Protects from the sun and rain
  • A gutter can be installed to collect rainwater


  • Protective cover available on request to prevent users touching the electrical system
  • Integrated cable ducting

Adaptability & flexibility

  • All types of framed modules
  • For single or double rows, in multiples of 2, 3, 4 or 6 parking spaces
  • The units are infinitely combinable, optimising the use of the parking area

Easy to install

  • The absence of concrete foundations speeds up the installation
  • The installation phases can be arranged to avoid traffic disruption

This solution adds value to your parking areas

Reliability & long life

  • Control of expansion stresses between the different parts of the structure and photovoltaic modules
  • Materials are selected for long term weather resistance in difficult climates

Optimisation & profitability

  • A tilt of 8° to optimise electricity production, whatever the limitations of the car park (orientation, dimensions, etc.)
  • No underlay, for improved ventilation and better efficiency
  • Up to 63 modules per carport

More than a carport...

  • An advertising message can be included under the modules and/or in the concrete bases
  • The concrete bases can be painted to help users remember where they parked
General technical specifications
Carport models Units of 2, 3, 4 and 6 spaces
Units combinable infinitely
Units for face-to-face parking
Units for side-by-side parking
Structure dimensions

For example:
Dimensions adapted to your project and according to your technical requirements (modules, ...)
2-spaces structure: 6.26 m * 5.3 m
3-spaces structure: 6.26 m * 7.8 m
4-spaces structure: 10.8 m * 5.3 m
6-spaces structure: 10.8 m * 7.8 m
Min. height: 2.39 m
Number of modules Up to 24 modules per carport for a 2-space structure
Up to 36 modules per carport for a 3-space structure
Up to 42 modules per carport for a 4-space structure
Up to 63 modules per carport for a 6-space structure
Module types All framed modules
Wind zone (NV65) Zone 3
Snow zone (NV65) Zone D

Materials Self-compacting concrete - BP FC 28 mix as specified in NF 206 1
Dimensions and weights 3.5 T; 500 * 2.200 * 3.260

Metal structure
Materials Galvanised steel. (painted on request) - S275 and S235

Materials Galvanised sheet steel S320GD + Z275

Photovoltaic support
Materials Aluminium 6060 T6 to EN 755

MVO Strengths:

  • Can be used with existing or new car parks.
  • Modular, with 2, 3, 4 or 6-space units.
  • No heavy foundations – the carport is easy to install without disrupting your normal activities or taking parking spaces out of use during installation.


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