Innovation MECOSUN 2010

MVS System

Photovoltaic support for PV farms

The MVS system is a mono axe solar follower completely developed by MECOSUN to answer three major objectives:

- Increase the return on the power plant for a capital cost similar to a fixed structure,
- Simplify the installation of the structure and the modules,
- Limit the maintenance costs.


Adaptability & flexibility

  • All types of framed modules
  • Custom dimensions to optimise land use
  • Developed for a range of different ground and all foundation types

Reliability & long life

  • Control of expansion stresses between the structure and photovoltaic modules
  • Materials used are recyclable and selected for long term weather resistance

Optimisation & profitability

  • Up to 32 modules per structure
  • Just 4 bases for optimum distribution of loads from the structure
  • Custom inclination angles according to the geographical location of your project, optimising the output of your power plant
  • Inclination angle can easily be changed without the need for special training (for example, the site supervisor can do it)
  • Increased electricity generation to speed up your return on investment (up to 4.5%)

Easy to install

  • Installation method validated with qualified professional installers
  • Easy installation due to a small number of parts, all weighing less than 25 kg
  • Modules are fixed using clips specially designed for quick and intuitive use


  • Manual rotation system with no additional maintenance costs
  • A steeper angle in winter and smaller system dimensions prevent snow build-up and aid natural cleaning by the rain
  • The structure is recyclable and more than 95% recoverable


MECOSUN is an accredited training body, and offers training on how to install our systems. The day-long course provides you with the best possible advice for your first installation and also provides access to our "materials" warranty.

General Technical Specifications
Inclination angles 2 (or more) adjusted manually for autumn/winter and spring/summer – from 0 to 51°
Wind zone (NV65) 140 km/h – zone 2 (please contact us for higher values)
Snow zone (NV65) Zone A2 (please contact us for higher values)
Number of modules Up to 32 modules per structure
Modules type All framed modules
Panel attachment clips Stainless steel
Structure dimensions 13.5 m * 3.5 m maximum
Weight of the structure (without modules) 170 kg

Materials Aluminium 6060 T6
Manufacturing tolerances To EN 755
Process Extrusion
Transverses rails
Finish Rough (anodised on request)
Dimensions Suitable for 2 rows of panels
Longitudinal rails
Finish Rough (anodised on request)
Dimensions Defined on the basis of the dimensions and the number of installed modules

Attachment method Bolted to foundations (micro piles, driven piles, concrete piles, etc.) – four bases per structure
Materials Galvanised steel
Process Forming and welding
  • The MVS solar support is a solar tracker developed entirely by MECOSUN.
  • The system allows you to increase the output of your solar power plant, using a single-axis rotation system.
  • The number of settings and the inclination angles are custom designed according to your geographical location and site restrictions.
  • The system also reduces the time and cost of installation.


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