Security Rail

Security Rail

Secure your movements on all roofs with an integrated solution MECOSUN

MECOSUN security rail allows to secure your movements on every types of roofs realized with a MECOSUN solution of integration. The implementation of this security rail on your photovoltaic installations will allow you to evolve safely during the actions of preventive or curative maintenance and cleaning.

Rail de sécurité

MECOSUN safety rail has been developed to improve walkings on every BIPV roof with MECOSUN systems. This safety rail will help you to realize the maintenance or the washing of your solar panel more easily


  • According to the standard EN 795 – D (Horizontal belay line with rail
  • Suspended work possible

Adaptability and reliability

  • Adaptable to every agricultural, industrial or public buildings with MECOSUN systems
  • Adaptable on landscape or portrait installation
  • Materials used are recyclable and are chosen for their high resistance in time against the climate impact (aluminum profiles, stainless steel screws…)


  • Not any shadows on solar roof
  • Possibility to work with maximum 6 persons
  • Not necessary to let the sliding carriage on the safety rail

Easy to install

  • Setting at the ridge of the solar roof
  • Possibility to join many rails to adapt this product for every length of roof

Complete kit

Complete kit delivered with every screws and bolts


MECOSUN, certified as a training center, suggest a support with a training for the installation of our systems. During these training sessions, a presentation of this safety rail is done

Safety Rail
Components Safety rail + sliding carriage + stainless steel interface + locking tabs
Esthetism A painted rail can be delivered with the wanted color
Type of roofs All new or existing roofs with MECOSUN solution
Installation way Installation on portrait or landscape solar roof
Safety rail length 6 meters of unit length (possibility to join this rail without limit)
Distance between stainless steel interface Every 2 RSM (Landscape), every 3 RSM (portrait) / RSM: Rail Support Module
Static resistance of the interface 500daN / 3 min (successful test)
Rail resistance 1500 daN / 6 persons
Standard EN 795-D (Horizontal belay line with rail)
  • Adaptable on any roofs realized with a MECOSUN solution.
  • Validation to traction tries at 500 daN / 3 min
  • In compliance with the standard EN795-D


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