Certificates & Warranties

MECOSUN recognized as THE pioneer in building integrated solutionsThe new system is designed to provide you with the best possible performance from your installations. We have always made it a point of honour to guarantee the quality of our solutions to our partners, by carrying out various tests on MECOSUN panel/system complexes at control offices and certification bodies.

In July 2010, we obtained the first TECHNICAL ADVICE from the CSTB in GS21 (n°21/10-08) confirming the quality and performance of our first MV3 solution.

Strong of the success linked to the obtaining of this Technical Opinion for our industrial solution, many manufacturers of modules wished to join MECOSUN and to engage steps of Technical Opinion and Pass' Innovation with our solutions MV3 and MVE for example. Numerous mechanical resistance tests are thus carried out on our test benches to validate the quality and safety of the materials.

Always in order to reassure our partners and prove the quality of our solutions, MECOSUN also turns to the Studies of New Techniques (ETN). The ETN have allowed us to widen the range of certifications and to certify our new solutions (MVU, Fibrosun for example).

All these steps are designed to facilitate your exchanges with banks, insurance companies or to meet the criteria of your calls for tenders.

You will find below the list of certifications obtained.

The module you want to install is not on this list?

Installers, EPCistsIf you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you with the certification process for the system + modules you have chosen.

Module manufacturersYou would like to update a current certification or obtain a new ETN for your latest generation of panels?

Here again, our sales department will assist you in putting together the technical file.