Bare frame

Bare carpentry

Intended for integration on all industrial, agricultural and tertiary buildings, equestrian centres or car park shades, MECOSUN's MVE and MVU solutions combine technicality and quality for a safe and long-lasting installation. Systems based on draining rails adaptable to all types of frames and all framed modules conforming to IEC standards. In order to meet all the specificities and characteristics of roofs, we have developed two complementary systems: the MVE solution which is fixed by accessing from the BOTTOM of the roof and the MVU solution which is fixed by accessing only from the BOTTOM of the roof.

MECOSUN know-how and performance at a lower system price than a corrugated sheet steel solution!






  • Performance The principle of the integration to the frame is to use the solar panel as a covering element and to fix the integration system directly on the bare structure. This allows a good natural ventilation of the modules increasing their efficiency up to 10%.


  • Quality and durability Our systems are made of aluminium and stainless steel elements, quality materials that guarantee a long-lasting installation.


  • Aesthetics No underlay: Without an underlay, the system integrates perfectly with your roof for a perfect look and provides extra light to your building.


  • Waterproof Our IAB (Integrated Built-in-Built Environment) systems are 100% waterproof. Drainage rails allow water to be drained from the bottom of the crawl space.


  • Economical Reduced costs, optimised installation time, easier after-sales service.